Wireless Communication Consultants

We deliver data-driven, custom network and professional services for improved next-generation RF communications.

Our Approach

RaComms is not just a name, but a professional partner. As a leader in promoting digital transformations in the telecom network industry, we offer professional and network services to ensure your RF communications network is up to par.

Servicing consumers, enterprises, and governments, our engineers support network design, implementation, and management. We also provide RF fundamentals training, assurance testing, project management, and feasibility studies.


We first start with an open and in-depth discussion about your service requirements and objectives, followed by an audit of your present resources. This initial assessment allows us the time to identify key pain points and to provide a truly tailored solution.

2. Analyze

With this assessment data, our expert team develops solutions that work for your business. Our process includes sequencing your needs within your pre-defined budget, analysis, and recommending long-term profitable actions.


Upon network implementation, RaComms curtails network impact and downtime while deploying your network upgrades, modifications, or installments. We test numerous times to get the best results.


Following a high-grade maintenance procedure, we can maintain smooth operations and performance with your network servers, guaranteeing minimal disruptions and longer hardware lifecycles. With automated monitoring, we continue to re-evaluate the present and future needs of your business.


RaComms (Radio Communications LLC) is an experienced network management and consultancy provider supporting RF communication networks with a range of services. These include professional and network services tailored to each business’ individual needs:

Professional Services

We offer professional services to ensure your business excels along the way, including: RF Fundamentals Training, Quality Assurance Testing, Project Management, and Project Feasibility Studies.

Network Services

With network management, design, and implementation services available, RaComms’ next gen network services can keep your mobile network competitive in this increasingly mobile world.

What Our Customers Say

RaComms exhibited a high-level of technical experience as a team player for network self organizing project. They were technically proficient and extremely proactive while executing their assigned work activities….
Alex Zerzghi


I worked with RaComms for more than 1 year in a huge and complicated program in US, implementing an automated, virtualized and vendor agnostic platform for Radio Access Network…
Ericson Bittencourt
Ericson Bittencourt

Project Manager – Deloitte, Portugal

I have worked with RaComms previously and have been very impressed with their professionalism, expertise and customer centric focus. Their RF design, optimization and performance skills have helped Dallas…
Madhukanth Menon

RF Manager – T-Mobile, Dallas

From October 2014 through January 2016, Tunmida worked through his company, Racomms LLC, as a subcontractor for LCC (later absorbed by TechMahendra). The LCC contract with Sprint was for…
Tom Braddock
Tom Braddock

RF Manager – Sprint, Alabama