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We Are RaComms (Radio Communications LLC)

We Are RaComms (Radio Communications LLC)

We are a world-class consultancy firm, helping customers to navigate the fast-evolving mobile communications technology ecosystem. Our expertise covers all network types, from legacy to current. We offer an end-to-end portfolio of networking services to system integrators or operators, aimed at enabling the delivery and realization of objectives.

RaComms has the pride and privilege of delivering value to tier 1 global cellular networks such as Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint which utilize technology from vendors like Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia. Our experts have a high level of proficiency in radio frequency analysis, which helps in augmenting the efficiency of designing, testing, and managing networks to drive new service revenue. We not only design new networks. we can also help to optimize existing infrastructure to maximize return on investment.

RaComms provides bespoke yet flexible offerings that can scale to any size deployment. We work on Open RAN architecture, which opens up a larger interface for the operators to empower new functionalities with more flexible deployment options. Our experience and track record provide the foundation to help all our customers drive new technology improvements into your network to deliver the best customer experience, and operational efficiency.




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