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Tri-Band Optimization

Launch LTE on newly purchased 2.5GHz Spectrum & integrate with existing CDMA & EvDO technologies utilizing PCS/ AWS bands.

Existing CDMA network required performance improvement.

With the long term vision of providing a successful transition of voice services from CDMA to VoLTE, a strategy was set to strengthen the underlying CDMA foundation by significantly improving its network performance. This led to two broad initiatives:
1. Baseline definition: To quantify improvement (or degradation) of any initiatives, a benchmark was needed. This reference point was collated for network performance (key KPIs), field or drive test data and network parameters.
2. Optimization & Performance focused initiatives: Systems and procedures were created to organically interact and tackle issues. Regular (weekly) touch points were held with client to report discoveries and ‘WINS’’.

• Target market was nominated ‘most improved’ market in South East region.
• Processes, systems and procedures were adopted as the blue print and rolled out to other markets not managed by Racomms LLC
• Due to the successes and improvements that were consistently demonstrated, more markets initially not in scope were added to optimization/performance portfolio.

What Our Customers Say !!​

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"From October 2014 through January 2016, Tunmida worked through his company, Racomms LLC, as a subcontractor for LCC (later absorbed by TechMahendra). The LCC contract with Sprint was for the optimization of the multi-band deployment of LTE across the Sprint network, locally called the tri-band optimization project. Tunmida was the lead RF engineer for the Alabama market working directly for the RF engineering manager for the Deep South markets, Richard Self. In this role, Tunmida led a team of four other RF engineers. In my role as the senior Sprint RF engineer in the Alabama market, I worked closely with Tunmida to plan and execute optimization strategies. His technical knowledge, leadership and partnership led to consistent, significant improvement in all LTE KPIs over time and set the stage for Sprint’s eventual move to VoLTE in the market. In my later roles of RF engineering manager and interim director the Southeast region, had I the need for a highly technical engineer with proven leadership experience, Tunmida and Racomms would have been at the top of my list"

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Thomas Braddock

RF Manager Sprint Alabama