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We are a world-class consultancy firm, helping customers to navigate the fast-evolving mobile communications technology ecosystem. Our expertise covers all network types, from legacy to current. We offer an end-to-end portfolio of networking services to system integrators or operators, aimed at enabling the delivery and realization of objectives.


RAN/SON Automation And Orchestration Platform

Deploying and developing a RAN/SON automation open platform ecosystem that uses machine learning augmentation and real-time data ingestion to automate telecom management and mobile networks through self-configuration, self-learning, and self-optimization in closed loops.


Tier 1 Operator


Tier 1 National and International Vendors

Problem & Work Statement

The client needed a self-organizing network (SON) solution to automate telecom network management and supported complex computer networks with multiple radio access technologies built by multiple Network Equipment Providers (NEPs).


RaComms employed flexibility, agility, open-mindedness and creative thinking to problem solve the complexities of the project.

Taking initiative, anticipating pain points, and going the extra mile to support the project were central to success.

RaComms took the lead in facilitating local operational activities on behalf of international partners and in the light of limited domestic support.

RaComms used problem-solving to bridge the gap between client demands and partner capabilities/systems/processes.

Pain Points

The resources required to fill roles did not fall within typical skill sets.

Roles required a unique combination of multifaceted skills.

Project was a multi-partner environment with many stakeholder interactions.

Dealing with an international partner with initially no local presence or infrastructure.

Required a complex solution with a complex architecture.


Initiatives provided support for ongoing project delivery despite travel restrictions imposed by the global pandemic.

Out of project scope initiatives provided infrastructural support for continued project delivery despite travel restrictions imposed by the global pandemic.

What Our Customers Say

RaComms exhibited a high-level of technical experience as a team player for network self organizing project. They were technically proficient and extremely proactive while executing their assigned work activities….
Alex Zerzghi


I worked with RaComms for more than 1 year in a huge and complicated program in US, implementing an automated, virtualized and vendor agnostic platform for Radio Access Network…
Ericson Bittencourt
Ericson Bittencourt

Project Manager – Deloitte, Portugal

I have worked with RaComms previously and have been very impressed with their professionalism, expertise and customer centric focus. Their RF design, optimization and performance skills have helped Dallas…
Madhukanth Menon

RF Manager – T-Mobile, Dallas

From October 2014 through January 2016, Tunmida worked through his company, Racomms LLC, as a subcontractor for LCC (later absorbed by TechMahendra). The LCC contract with Sprint was for…
Tom Braddock
Tom Braddock

RF Manager – Sprint, Alabama