Our Vision
and Values

Skilled network engineer consultants empowering mobile telecom businesses to move with confidence through the digital transformation.

we are Racomms

We are a world-class consultancy firm helping customers to navigate the fast-evolving mobile communications technology ecosystem. With services like network deployment, architecting, and professional services, we provide RF telecoms with the services they need to excel in this fast-paced world.

RaComms provides bespoke yet flexible offerings that can scale to any size deployment. Our years of expertise and experience cover all network types, from legacy to current. We offer an end-to-end portfolio of networking services to system integrators or operators. RaComms has the qualifications to deliver tier 1 global cellular networks like Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint which access vendors like Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia.

Complex projects are no problem. We work on Open RAN architecture, which opens up a larger interface for the operators to empower new functionalities with greater flexibility. We also have a high level of proficiency in radio frequency analysis, which helps in augmenting the efficiency of designing, testing, and managing networks to drive new service revenue. We not only design new networks; we can also help to optimize existing infrastructure to maximize return on investment.

With Racomms network services and professional services, gain access to the critical RF support you need to deliver the best customer experience and operational efficiency.


We strongly believe in the power of individuals as well as the collective. We are emotional beings with a need for expression. Communication is a medium for self-expression – and a breakdown in communication is a breakdown in expression, which in turn is a breakdown of freedom.

Our vision is to break down barriers with communications and to communicate our way into a better world.


At RaComms, our mission is to always keep the communication channels open. To do so, we strive to always maintain the communications infrastructure – and at the same time communicate effectively.

In the telecom industry, the received message is the most important message (as opposed to the message that was initially sent). We strive to keep communication channels free of corrupting influences to bring harmony between the intended message and the received message, which in turn will lead to more effective communication.


RaComms believes in the use of technology to advance the human race for good. This vision is realized through the following values:


Diversity is a key driver of innovation and success. For us, this means breaking down communication barriers by using diverse perspectives and experiences.


We build integrity, from the top down, by doing what we say we would do, every time.


Two-way communication builds stronger teams. All voices are welcomed and are listened to at RaComms.


We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas within our team, which helps us power more innovative and creative problem-solving.


We have the courage to take informed risks and are not afraid to say no when we need to.


With our experience, knowledge, and commitment to customer success, we deliver innovation in every project.

Meet the Owner

Tunmida Kuboye


Tunmida founded RaComms LLC USA in 2015 after consulting independently with tier 1 carriers, vendors, and operators in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He started his journey into radio communications after a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Birmingham UK as well as a Masters in Mobile Communication Systems from the University of Surrey Guildford UK. As founder of Racomms, Tunmida leverages his dedication and experience with international projects spanning software vendors, hardware vendors, MNOs, and MVNOs.