Network management, design, and implementation to keep you competitive in this increasingly mobile world.


Mobile telecommunications are fundamental to the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

With more communities relying on access to powerful, effective, and fast telecom technology, you need a network that can withstand it all.

RaComms’ next-gen network services can keep your mobile network competitive, even with advancing artificial intelligence, machine learning, hyper-scale computing, and cloud applications.


Stay up to date with network security patches, critical infrastructure modifications, and more with RaComms network management service. Providing configuration, fault, performance, accounting, and security, RaComms offers a full-scale network management service to keep your RF communications network and business networks live and operable.


It takes significant architectural expertise to solve the complex problems involved with designing a new network. If you are looking for a business upgrade, RaComms can design a network solution customized to your needs and fine-tuned for high performance. Our adept team of engineers can design a new network from scratch or help you upgrade your current network when you want a secure, cost-effective, reliable computing and communication infrastructure.


Implementing a network requires a lot of moving parts, including the components, devices, network integrations, partner integrations, and personnel. Any of these elements can fail when done improperly. Luckily, RaComms’ engineers are on hand to skilfully implement the correct hardware, software, and resource solutions for your mobile network implementation. We’re experts in network design, implementation, and troubleshooting, so your network deployment is done right the first time.

RF Network Planning

Network planning is the genesis of any mobile network, whether the goal is coverage-related, capacity-related, or performance-related.

And as customer trends change and technologies advance, RF network planning is also the critical life support serving that constantly evolving marketplace.

RaComms use RF planning tools, RF field data, and customer data to paint a holistic picture. Our tried and tested methodologies, combined with in-house experts, guarantee plans that match your unique design needs.

The network plan can be for a greenfield, brand new, or existing network. It could also be adding locations, frequencies, or technologies to an existing network. Every customer’s criteria are unique.

We also do:

RF Design

RF designs largely serve as references during construction and build rollout. This is why technical mapping and blueprint creation complement the network planning stage. Our RF design consultancy offering can support development departments that require RF input. We can also assist RF departments by owning the tasks involved with the deep site selection analysis.
Our RF design ecosystem of processes includes:

RF Performance

RaComms RF performance solutions improve technical and non-technical efficiencies for all types of wireless networks.

We leverage our extensive experience in delivering the highest quality RF services at reasonable rates to help clients access bespoke tools for measuring and reporting.

Our performance services require continual monitoring, optimization, and auditing.

To do that, we:

RF performance offerings include:

Spectrum Engineering

Spectrum measurement is excellent, but it must be manipulated and monitored effectively. Here is where spectrum engineering becomes a crucial part of network services management.

RaComms is an active mediator between hardware manufacturers and network operators to maintain your spectrum system. Our engineers maximize your network capacity and connectivity by acquiring a proper frequency band based on the appropriate standards.

From researching to selecting the high-power radar components, RaComms is your one-stop solution. Trust RaComms professionally managed spectrum engineering solutions to interconnect equipment and facilities, switches and traffic, signaling systems, etc.

Our spectrum engineering services include:

RF Optimization

Proactive optimization is crucial to stay competitive and improve your network standard. Our RF optimization approach provides this competitive edge. We implement cutting-edge strategies to grow your network performance through regular upgrades, new site additions, new technologies, and network growth.

Like RF performance, optimization centers around KPIs like network accessibility, network reliability, network retainability, and network speed for voice and data services.

We offer focused initiatives or general BAU activities, including:

RF Parameter Network Audits

With our RF parameter network audit service, RaComms expert network engineers evaluate your network from end-to-end. Parameter enforcement helps align your network with the golden parameter list. Network audits are used to identify deviations from these standards, which can be addressed through intelligent configuration and management.

RaComms utilizes the most advanced tools to resolve every type of network issue. We work on building a results-driven strategy to improve your network’s performance.

We work with our clients on development, execution, and audit planning to pinpoint any possible cause of network error.