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We are a world-class consultancy firm, helping customers to navigate the fast-evolving mobile communications technology ecosystem. Our expertise covers all network types, from legacy to current. We offer an end-to-end portfolio of networking services to system integrators or operators, aimed at enabling the delivery and realization of objectives.


RF Design And Optimization

The design, optimization, and performance of RF GSM/UMTS/LTE sites to support expansion in select US markets, including Hawaii, Atlanta, Birmingham Alabama, Tampa Florida, and Dallas Texas.


T-Mobile USA



Problem & Work Statement

The client needed full network design, commissioning, pre and post-launch support, SSVs, performance, optimization, and decommissioning for Building Access Units (BAU), which spanned the full network life cycle at each site. Other tasks included spectrum augmenting, special event monitoring, and interference investigations.


Experience, analysis, and understanding of fundamental RF concepts were strategically applied to the different scenarios with clearly defined goals.

Pain Points

Multiple consulting opportunities from market initiatives can be subdivided into 3 general areas:

  1. Design
    – Capacity and coverage design initiatives
    – RFDS designs and re-designs until site launch
  2. Performance
    – Daily break-fix troubleshooting
    – Site degradation analysis
    – Top offender identification, troubleshooting, and resolution for major KPIs
  3. Optimization
    – Cluster and market baseline optimization
    – Traffic balancing
    – IRAT improvement
    – Throughput improvement initiatives

Expert knowledge and the use of client RF planning tools allowed for procedures to be developed for bulk creation, updates, and deletion of RF sites and cells. This reduced man-hours and increased efficiency by 3x

Specific markets consistently ranked low in compliance audits after procedures were adopted.

Partners utilized RaComms LLC resource for in-house training to share expert knowledge with junior engineers

What Our Customers Say

RaComms exhibited a high-level of technical experience as a team player for network self organizing project. They were technically proficient and extremely proactive while executing their assigned work activities….
Alex Zerzghi


I worked with RaComms for more than 1 year in a huge and complicated program in US, implementing an automated, virtualized and vendor agnostic platform for Radio Access Network…
Ericson Bittencourt
Ericson Bittencourt

Project Manager – Deloitte, Portugal

I have worked with RaComms previously and have been very impressed with their professionalism, expertise and customer centric focus. Their RF design, optimization and performance skills have helped Dallas…
Madhukanth Menon

RF Manager – T-Mobile, Dallas

From October 2014 through January 2016, Tunmida worked through his company, Racomms LLC, as a subcontractor for LCC (later absorbed by TechMahendra). The LCC contract with Sprint was for…
Tom Braddock
Tom Braddock

RF Manager – Sprint, Alabama