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Tri-Band Optimization

Tri-Band Optimization

Launch LTE on newly purchased 2.5GHz Spectrum & integrate with existing CDMA & EvDO technologies utilizing PCS/ AWS bands.

Existing CDMA network required performance improvement.

With the long term vision of providing a successful transition of voice services from CDMA to VoLTE, a strategy was set to strengthen the underlying CDMA foundation by significantly improving its network performance. This led to two broad initiatives:
1. Baseline definition: To quantify improvement (or degradation) of any initiatives, a benchmark was needed. This reference point was collated for network performance (key KPIs), field or drive test data and network parameters.
2. Optimization & Performance focused initiatives: Systems and procedures were created to organically interact and tackle issues. Regular (weekly) touch points were held with client to report discoveries and ‘WINS’’.

• Target market was nominated ‘most improved’ market in South East region.
• Processes, systems and procedures were adopted as the blue print and rolled out to other markets not managed by Racomms LLC
• Due to the successes and improvements that were consistently demonstrated, more markets initially not in scope were added to optimization/performance portfolio.

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